Thursday, November 8, 2007

New website for sausage made with Heart Healthy Oil

You might be one whose doctor has told you to stay away from meat because of the saturated fats. Perhaps you are already on cholesterol medication because of genetic concerns or dietary preferences. You might even have suffered from a heart condition that has permanently changed you lifestyle.
On the lighter side, maybe you just want to adhere more to the Atkins Diet way of eating to lose weight or keep it off.
The thing is, you are a meat eater through and through. You can only go so long before you need to sink your teeth into a slab of beef.
Now there's Vicki's Best - a sausage product that is manufactured with Heart Healthy Oils and high-quality bottom round beef. We have devised a patent-pending process that allows the good oil to stay in the meat after we take the bad animal fat out. So what you end up with is a Bratwurst, or Polish Kielbasa, or Chorizo, or Bologna , or Jalapeno Bratwurst summer sausage product that has the right oil (olive oil) that your body needs for a healthier lifestyle.
And what's really cool is that the taste and texture are phenomenal! The only way you would know it is different is because of the super clean after-taste instead of that gummy greasiness you are used to.
And the tale is in the numbers: saturated fat is about the same as what is standard in olive oil; protein is 22% higher; total calories from fat are reduced about 50%; all with about 35% reduction in calories. This is good stuff - a low-fat, heart healthy meat product that comes in beef stick, beef sausage loops, or beef sausage logs. And it actually contains polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats - something no other product on the market has.
It's Vicki's Best at Please take a look.